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What Are Spiritual Roads? Empty What Are Spiritual Roads?

Post by Genious on 1st December 2010, 12:54 am

I am posting an example of accusations made against Ezekiel33.We will continue to encourage others scripturally, edify in truth and expose contradictions that are made not in accord with sound bible doctrine.

Just so you all understand Ezekiel, he hated me enough to tell me to go and fu-k myself, so therefore he is indeed a murderer, and those were his words of love that he will deny when I asked only forgiveness from him because God directs my heart. Therefore only God can direct any who know him, but when we love not our brethren we are abiding in death.

Hate means to detest and to persecute, {see Strong's 3404} and Ezekiel has shown more hate towards me than anyone in this world of my 55 years. When I write about children, love, hearts and eternal salvation, can you see the hate in me such as the very low words that Ezekiel said to me when being only humble? The reason that I stress so very much about the words of love in so very many books in the words of God is because my calling is to show all who believe that I have been hated, detested and persecuted for years now by all who are saved but abiding in death. And what that means is you all know not God just as written in 1 John 4:7-8. Chruringa has hated me, Ezekiel hates me and all of you along with this whole world of religious deception have hated me for years now; and the words of God that make so very clear to the many of where they shall be when God laughs at your calamity all refuse to see, hear and understand.

How many times do you all need to read John 13:34 and Revelation 22:14 with Proverbs 1:22-32 before you understand?

For most they will not see until their lives become as written in Lamentations chapter three, and God will not hear your prayer.

May God Show you truth kewyn because all of your cruel and very evil ways cannot hide as God looks deep within your heart and knows your every intention.

I can still love my brothers just as Christ asked the Father to forgive those who crucified Him. All people are for a purpose when God is at the center, and in this particular site God is showing you the hate of brethren through Ezekiel and Churinga who have set themselves above all others while being your teachers of darkness because only they are in the light, or can you see their love to follow? God is also telling you all that because you know not His words of love through the actions that He will weigh in 1 Samuel 2:3, great punishment is coming for the many with only the few who have His mercy. Psalms 33:18-19

I don’t write to win popularity contests, because if I did I would not be who I am which is not of this world; and for all I have posted of 294 in just one site alone, my reward is hate, and my Lord said it would be that way so I am doing an excellent job because I love you all enough to continue in only warning you of what man teaches not. I mean has man taught you this whole world has been deceived? Those are the words of God with absolutely no confusion, but all that man has ever been is nothing but confusion and hate.

Growing with God takes time with many mistakes and errors, and after near twenty years I am just beginning to grow; and as I do I am right with you all and no better, but just a man who was chosen because God knew me before I was formed just as He has known you and every individual. So now it’s all up to your heart because I write to change no one as only God can do that, therefore I write only to spread some seeds of truth for God to water on the ones with hearts rather than just words and honor from the lips. Isaiah 29:13

My heart only wants to awake as many as God allows in the short time remaining. If you love your children you will read my last post.

May God be with you all in spiritual ways through your obedience to thy word is truth.

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